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February 29, 2016

I imagine that most people don’t actively use more than one Twitter account on their phones, so I’d like to share a few “hidden” interactions on the Twitter app for iOS 7 that make it, well, delightful. The smooth animations, the light bouncing and the many ways to switch between accounts represent a wonderful attention to detail that many apps just don’t have.


Launching the Twitter app builds energy and emotion right from the start: pay attention to the playful bouncing of the logo as it fills the screen, revealing the app’s main content.

Pull down on profile

If you don’t use multiple Twitter accounts, it’s likely that you’ve never seen this interaction before. Pulling down on your profile pulls in the account switcher. I love the way the cover photo expands and blurs (a detail many other apps have begun to adopt).

I’ve had to watch this detail several times to really catch everything going on. The playful bounces and the way the profiles ease into view makes using the app and switching profiles too much fun.

Pull down again

When you’re on the account-switching view, you can simply pull down again to return to the top profile. This detail almost feels superflous, considering most people might just tap to go to another profile – but the attention to multiple UX habits and patterns here is respectable.

Switch accounts

If you’re not one to swipe and pull your way around the Twitter app, you can tap+hold on the Me tab in the bottom tab bar to open the account switcher. In this clip, I’ve also switched the accounts so you can see the way Twitter uses movement and spring physics to rebuild the interface for the newly-selected profile. Beautiful!