Hey, I’m Brian.

I’m a product designer, podcaster, and writer, currently living in San Francisco. Right now I’m building native mobile apps at GitHub. Let’s grab a coffee.

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I like to think out loud about design, development, and building products.

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Design Details Podcast

Design Details is a weekly conversation about design process and culture. I’ve been a co-host on the show for over five years.

  • 340: Versioning and Handoff in FigmaThis week, we share our tips and tricks for staying organized in Figma, simplifying the engineering handoff, and not getting bogged down in pages hell. This, plus some follow up, cool things, and a little social distancing check-in.
  • 339: The New iPadOS CursorThis week, we dissect the newest iPad Pro and its new adaptive cursor, speculating on the future of cursor-touch hybrid interactions. Marshall also shares early feedback on a new prototyping tool and we find escapism in our cool things.
  • 338: Passive Income and How To Give Advice (feat. Meg Lewis)This week, we catch up with Meg Lewis, a designer, coach, writer, speaker, business-owner, podcaster, and all-around fun human being. We talk about building passive income streams, how to give advice, having strong opinions, and facing public criticism – among many other things. And as always, we share our cool things of the week included a very timely hygiene product, new mobile apps, and a YouTube playlist.
  • 337: The Metagame of DesignThis week, we discuss the metagame of product design, thinking out loud about the skills we do in between the craft work that help us to be more effective, have more impact, and grow faster in our careers. As always, we dig into followup, talk about some *fleet*ing news, and share our cool things of the week!
  • 336: Learning by DoingThis week, we discuss practical tips to level up your visual interface design skills, including tracing and focusing on a "learning by doing" mindset. And as always, we share our cool finds of the week including a new notes application and a creative TV show.

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Figma plugins

There’s a lot of work in the design process that is boring, tedious, and repetitive. I like to make plugins to help automate it away.

  • Dominant Color Toolkit
    Generate a palette from an image to magically populate your designs.
  • Responsify
    Quickly test your designs across multiple device sizes.
  • iOS Export Settings
    Applies the correct export settings for every required iOS App Icon size and density.
  • Export .zip
    Easily export assets from Figma directly into a .zip file.
  • GitHub Data
    Populate data from GitHub into Figma mocks

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App Dissection

In-depth explorations of visual and interaction design in well-known apps.

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