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Caching API routes with Next.js + Now

Caching API routes with Next.js + Now

December 8, 2019

Header image from Ranganath Krishnamani

I've been using Next.js's API routing feature to implement a thin wrapper around the Simplecast API. This wrapper powers the queries for,, as well as the queries for the most recent Design Details Podcast episode that appears on the home page of this site.

The API implementation was a bit naive and didn't put any effort into caching. After some digging I realized that with just a few lines I could improve the performance of these requests by about 20x.

Since our API is mainly fetching data about podcasts, and that data changes infrequently, I felt comfortable applying a flat one-hour cache time for every API route. To do this, I added the following lines to my now.json file:

// now.json
  // ...
  "routes": [
      "src": "/api/(.*)",
      "headers": {
        "cache-control": "s-maxage=3600"
      "dest": "/api/$1",
      "continue": true

As you'd expect, things are now much faster. Previously the episode player on the home page of this site took between 600ms to 1s to load, now I'm timing it at about 30ms on my home internet. More importantly, is now much faster.

Small changes, big impact!

View the final now.json file or the source code for the API routes that power