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The most polished and functional budgeting app on the market.


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If you haven't tried Lunchmoney yet (<- referral link over here) I can't recommend it enough. It's also indie and has great flows for tracking net worth and setting up custom rules. It's what got me to start behaving like an adult with my money lol

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Brian Lovin@brian

Nov 1, 2021

Thanks for the rec! I have seen Lunchmoney floating around, but never checked it out. Do you happen to know if there's any big feature differences from Copilot?

Not sure, I haven't used Copilot, though it definitely looks nicer. I'd give it a spin and see, they have a fairly generous trial period.

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Steven Tey@steventey

Nov 2, 2021

Not gonna lie I thought this was Github Copilot for a sec 馃槄