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Staff Design

A collection of interviews exploring how product designers navigate the individual contributor path to its highest levels.

My Stack

A curated list of my favorite tools and software.

Security Checklist

Tools and resources for staying safe on the internet.


Internet things, saved for later.


Ask me anything.

Better Hacker News

A better Hacker News.

App Dissection

In-depth explorations of visual and interaction design in well-known apps.

Design Details Podcast

A weekly conversation about design process and culture, co-hosted with @marshallbock.

393: The Not-So-Humble Button

This week, we talk about the hidden complexities of a designer’s favorite element: the button. In the Sidebar, we examine interfaces that defer moderation responsibilities onto the end user.

5 days ago

392: Becoming a Strategic Designer

This week, we talk about how to become a more strategic designer: what should you be doing day to day, or thinking about more often? In The Sidebar, we talk about the downsides of using metaphors to describe the role of designers in building software.

1 week ago

391: Portfolio Review Tips for Senior Designers

This week, we share tips and best practices for senior designers who are presenting their work in a portfolio review. In The Sidebar, we break down the qualities of great typographic hierarchy in interface design.

2 weeks ago

390: Building Design Infrastructure ft. Kathryn Gonzalez

This week, we catch up with Kathryn Gonzalez, the Head of Design Infrastructure at DoorDash. We talk about building DoorDash’s first design system, how to scale a design systems team, balancing technical and design skills, how to become a better systems designer by learning outside of work, and much more.

3 weeks ago

389: Better Design Reviews

This week, we talk about how to have better design reviews. Who, what, where, and when? We share our experiences, and frustrations, with certain formats and processes. In The Sidebar, we try to answer the question: WTF is up with NFTs?

1 month ago

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Figma plugins

Dominant Color Toolkit

Generate a palette from an image to magically populate your designs.


Quickly test your designs across multiple device sizes.

iOS Export Settings

Applies the correct export settings for every required iOS App Icon size and density.

Export .zip

Easily export assets from Figma directly into a .zip file.

GitHub Data

Populate data from GitHub into Figma mocks

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Open source work


The code that powers this website you’re looking at.

withspectrum / spectrum

Simple, powerful online communities.

designdetails / designdetails

The code that powers Design Details.

specfm / spec-next

A podcast network to help designers and developers level up.

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