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I've been maintaining this list of useful and inspiring product design portfolios for a few years. It's awesome to see people sharing their work experiences openly and putting their own personal touch on their website. As the list grew, people told me that it was a useful reference while creating their own portfolio.

I'll be keeping the list up to date over time, so please let me know if you find a broken link or if someone removed their portfolio!

My criteria is loose, but generally:

  • The portfolio must highlight product design examples. While there are so many incredible illustrators, visual designers, icon designers, web designers, typographers, etc. out there, those portfolios are going to work better in a separate collection.
  • Having case studies for the work was a huge factor in being part of this list - after all, I want this list to be educational and help people see real world product design in action. However, some portfolios below don't have case studies, but I've included them as great examples of presentation or organization.
  • I prefer sharing standalone sites, so I didn't include people who host their portfolio on Dribbble or Bēhance.

Here's the list. If I'm missing anyone, please drop me a note at the bottom of this post!

Did I miss someone? Let me know in the form below and I'll keep this post updated 🙏

Update: @chris_mrtn compiled a bunch of these people into a Twitter list.

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