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·September 23, 2022


I'm amused that we share initials and a passion for this kind of project! Mine's .

One key difference: this guy built his demo from scratch, whereas mine's a port of someone else's work. It's great to see another implementation, with its own techniques and features.


This person is really incredible. Just check out their work:


Copied from

Through the nineties, Microsoft software engineers carried on a tradition of writing clever and distinctive software projects alongside the software they were primarily tasked with writing— this is where Solitaire and Minesweeper came from, for instance. These engineers also wrote "easter eggs" into their primary software, such as the beautiful flight simulator hidden in Excel 97.

Amazed by reading the above. I'm a sucker to read and learn from that clerverness.


Amazing to see you in comments; your version was inspiration for this project:

The video didn't generate much interest so unfortunately I didn't release anything playable.


That's really neat! I like the tunnels under the giant trapezoids, they make me think of those enormous trapezoid buildings in Blade Runner.

I can't take credit for Drivey's aesthetics, I'm just honored to have carried it to HTML5 ;) Somewhere out in Australia is the original programmer who I'm sure would love to see this, but who also loves avoiding the spotlight.

I just did a quick scroll of your Twitter feed and jeez you're prolific, this stuff is really cool. I'll try Hexpress this weekend.


Among "features it would be neat to add", fading timelapse smeers as in your photo of the curve would be luvly.


I do not like how your city planners put pedestrian crossings on blind curves. That's really bad design that could lead to accidents.

P.S. It's a joke. This is a really well executed demo.


I agree, but the original creator put them in and they add some spice to the environs.

I like to joke that Australia (where Drivey originally comes from) has a low enough population that the pedestrians are in no real danger ;)


As a fan of vaporwave this is

aesthetic 可ぷき


I’m vibing


Oh, I think I remember the original Drivey and was following the dev blog for a while back then. But I think in the end, it didn't go anywhere (no pun intended).


Neat! I like that this is kind of the opposite effect (obviously Drivey is way more polished).

Drivey shows objects as their silhouettes on top of a light background, whereas Nightdrive shows objects as their lights on top of a dark background.


Pleased to meet you! ^_^ Nightdrive is a jewel.

Some people are making a strong case (I think) for calling these types of projects "demos", but also, I think the inability to fit them in the arbitrary structure of existing nomenclature is a good quality for a project to have. :D

Have you considered using a small bokeh image in place of circles in your renderer? Their size is based on the (usually unchanging) optical properties of the eye, rather than the eye's distance to the light, so you'd fade them rather than resize them, and if you round their position to the nearest pixel you might be able to draw them with 2D canvas context speedily.


Wow that's gorgeous. Is there a link to the source?


His username is rezmason and it is mounted under /drivey. so, rewrite the url a tiny bit and you get:


interesting that this is running very slow (like 1 frame per second) on Chrome, but runs very smooth on Firefox. I'm on the latest version of both for Mac.


That is very odd. I wonder what your Chrome browser's zoom is set to, that might affect its resolution.

If you create an issue on the repo, I'll try and figure it out when I have the bandwidth.


Just tried it again on my work laptop Chrome (Mac, latest) and it's running smooth, so it was something with my personal laptop and not your code.


See also Martijn Steinrucken aka BigWings's The Drive Home:

ShaderToy: [WebGL]

Video: / Making of:


This is fantastic, thanks for sharing!


>There are a few more things that I think would be fun to do:

First off, it's beautiful! Second, just because you can, doesn't mean you should :)

I think it's art, so be careful about adding more. The minimalism is beautiful. Just a bunch of moving lights, but they capture the feel of night driving! If you add everything mentioned as upgrades, it will be a simulation. An impressive engineering feat, but (I think) less as a work of art.

I wonder, what does someone who's never ridden/driven in a car at night 'feel' when they see this?


This reminds me of the movie Drive (2011), in particular the first song on the soundtrack, Kavinsky - Nightcall


Wow Drive is from 2011? Man... I feel like it's a new movie. I loved it, maybe that's why.


Well it is a new movie, at least by period standards.

Broadly speaking you've got the B&W era until the 70s, the "old classics" recorded in colour on actual film up till the 90s, then the period of questionable CGI and campiness up till somewhere like 2005 when what we feel like is new/recent cinema starts. The ongoing era of decent invisible CGI, quality digital cameras, and post-9/11 hopelessness.

It's why I still watch a lot of 90s/early 2000s movies, there's just something different about that era that feels nice.


the period of questionable CGI and campiness is over? Have you seen the never ending churn out of marvel "movies"?


I think we get that "goddamn years are going by" feeling with movies especially because they are connected to a specific year yet are disconnected from other memories (unless you brought your crush to one of them maybe)


Very nice! I instantly recognized the tune but from a completely different event, namely

That's the cover by band London Grammar and TIL about the original one. Didn't know about the movie which now is on my todo list, thanks.


I remember Alt-J performing a cover of "A Real Hero", another song from the Drive soundtrack, at Glastonbury festival years ago. The film and soundtrack were really cool.


Incidentally, that song was written with Chesley Sullenberger in mind, the pilot of US Airways Flight 1549, which he glide-landed in the Hudson River.

That guy is a real hero, and apparently a real human bean.


I love this cover by Natalie McCool:


Seems to be a popular aesthetic for synthwave compilations on YouTube:

I wonder if Drive originated this aesthetic or if it's just coincidence.


I can't tell you what originated the aesthetic, but it's not Drive because some songs on its soundtrack were already part of the established aesthetic.

It's definitely one of the major works in that world, however.


It's "Outrun" aesthetic, for example


Great song! I personally hear this track from Kavinsky when watching that demo:


I was thinking of this song exactly before I turned on the music; thought it might even be the same song for a second. I wonder why the (visual) aesthetic is evocative of this song?


Real human bean. Love this movie.


    It's hard to classify what it is. It's not a video, because it's generated dynamically. It's not a game, because you just watch. It's not a screensaver, because it's not the 90s. Maybe it's a "demo"?
It's an animation.


This reminds me of Desert Bus, the legendary/notorious driving game by Penn & Teller. During the second half of the game, you're driving at night and the view is not dissimilar.

Of course, because Desert Bus is literally the worst game ever, the steering continually veers to the side and you have to keep nudging the wheel or you'll crash.


Wonder if anyone has built an AI to drive the bus and get that sweet single point.


>The entire scene is created purely by drawing circles on a HTML5 canvas. It actually works a lot better than I expected. The biggest flaw is that the cars are totally transparent, so you can see lights from distant cars even where they should be occluded by closer cars.

Hmm, why not just draw a black rectange around any pair of car lights? It should work for givimg the impression of a solid car within the context of the video...

Edit: hmm, he does say this "This would be slightly harder than street light occlusion. Probably a first pass would be to render a black cuboid behind each car's lights, so that the cuboid blocks out anything that would be blocked by the car."


I somehow feel the simplicity of everything only being paired lights giving an _impression_ of something somehow adds to the charm


> It's not a screensaver, because it's not the 90s.

It may be 2022, but I would love a screensaver version of this.


It would definitely fit into xscreensaver's collection, yes.


Depending on your OS it should just be a matter of starting a webview with the code as the default page and running it full screen. Then a small loop looking for mouse/keyboard events so it knows when to quit.


I want this on my Apple TV so bad.


This reminds me of this video:

He does incredible work with shaders and explains them in very clear detail.


I watched this video a couple of years ago and was blown away by what can be done with shaders.



It would be cool if it flipped from left- to right-side driving depending on host's IP address?


I wanted to do the same for the train feeling:


Hmm, some of those trees appear based on parallax to be farther away than the shoreline that they're painted over. Otherwise, pretty nice.


> It's not a screensaver, because it's not the 90s.

XScreenSaver had its most recent release two weeks ago.