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Mental Model Practices

Mental Model Practices


·August 10, 2022


Looks like the start to some great content.

Some suggestions on the formatting:

- Don't target="_blank" links. Maybe do it for external links, but ideally not even those. You might like everything to open in a new tab, but you can just set your own browser that way if so. For your users/readers, you're often breaking their expected and preferred workflow, and they'll notice that.

- Don't center align text in table cells. You break visual scanning by doing this, one of the key benefits of using tables in the first place.


Thanks, I did both the feedbacks. If you have any other advice please share.


the left-aligned does look much better! you've also got too many 'u's in 'Oppourtunity Magnet'


Ahahaha thanks, I haven't stared working on that mental model. I'll fix it when I do :)