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Show HN: Redbean 2.0 in Docker

Show HN: Redbean 2.0 in Docker


·July 1, 2022


Why would you run redbean in docker? I thought Docker was mostly for mitigating dependency issues, which redbean doesn't have.


If you want to deploy it in an environment that is already running some kind of container orchestration it may actually be simpler to just add another container, compared to adding another host service you need to care about. Sure, you wouldn’t want to install docker, or podman or nomad (+ one of those) or k8s (lol…) to run a redbean. But the other way around might make sense.


But why use redbean for that, and not nginx?

The point of redbean is to be CPU- and OS-agnostic. Containers are CPU- and OS-specific.


Because it's an application platform, you make apps with it in Lua. I think there's even a full framework for it now.


(grumpy old man mode on)

I swear people have forgotten that things can be run directly on OS without any layers in between. They feel naked without docker. 'But mah complexity!' they yell when they see plain old binary nowadays. Grr.


fully get the grumpy old man mode, but also

> They feel naked without docker. 'But mah complexity!' they yell when they see plain old binary nowadays. Grr.

That's because they kind of are naked -- containers bring namespace and cgroup based isolation.

If they weren't doing that, then they'd be juggling systemd slices...

If they weren't doing that they'd be setting up per-app users and fussing with ulimit...

And if they weren't doing that, they really would be naked.

I'm very much (as you might be able to tell) pro-containers -- they're a great tool, and they actually do kind of deserve to go most places.

Containers shouldn’t be absolutely everywhere, but they should be the default these days as a layer between the OS and a possibly clueless app developer.


Im pro cgroup isolation but I hate docker. For the first 5 years I used it it definitely caused me more problems than it solved and its design is still bad.

It's fortunate podman exists now coz I was starting to sound like a crackpot.


You're spot on.

What's wrong with olives, though?


Can't stand them. Tried all sorts, canned or fresh, even hand picked Kalamata olives in Greece. Nope. Can't get used to the taste.


You have no idea how painful it is to put some static content in a Kubernetes cluster somewhere. With Redbean, you can do it very easily and very resource-effectively.




We do what we must because we can!


I second that, entirely!


Especially when doing (computer) science.


If you want to host it on a service that hosts Docker images, such as or AWS Fargate.


I also wouldn't utilize it, but perhaps there is a situation where you want redbean for running code on various devices, but maybe in certain limited cases you need to run it in Kubernetes or whatever, in which case this is a useful tool.


The point of Redbean is exactly to run on various devices and OSes. Adding docker layer on top makes no sense.

If you're using docker you could run any other more full featured server instead.


My point was that if you needed something like redbean for your architecture because it's flexible and can run on anything, you still might want to run it in a container for some corner-case where running it outside the container isn't possible or easy.

I have a specific use case I'm developing on redbean and I usually need to run it on whatever PC is available at the time, but sometimes a container image running on some orchestrator is necessary because there is no PC available or the user wishes to integrate it into a larger system architecture.


This a very sad situation where someone seems to appreciate your work and would like to do something extra on top of it but completely going against the very principle of that work is based on in the first place.


Technology is not a religion. When someone uses what you created in a different/unexpected way you anticipated, you know you did something flexible which is useful for a lot of people in a lot of different ways.


This place is literally called hacker news lol. We hack, not just build things to spec from committee


Wouldn't it be cool if the portable format used by Redbean was also a Docker image?


Every time I read Redbean posts I feel like I’m watching inception


I would be satisfied if redbean were turned into the next DOOM and can be run on almost everything with a central processing unit.


Justine said they are working on getting it to be a bootable image




Seems like a useful replacement for, say, nginx for running static sites in dokku or the like.


Wouldn't darkhttpd and others be more lightweight?