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Open Circuits – The Inner Beauty of Electronic Components


Preordered, looks beautiful & one of those books I’ve never thought to want, but know I need it as soon as I saw the first photos.

Poking around the No Starch website, I see another book I’ve already preordered: Grady Hillhouse’s Practical Engineering, based solely on how much I’ve enjoyed his Youtube channel. Bring back the googly eyes, though!


If you weren’t already aware, the author of this book has been working with the CuriousMarc YouTube channel for the last few months restoring and exploring an old IBM OS/2 computer and the microwave communications equipment from the Apollo missions. Really fascinating stuff all around.


Thats very cool! This videotapednterview from keysight is an interesting dive in his lab!


Very impressive machining to section these things so perfectly without dislodging the internal structure or causing burrs that would obscure detail.


A lovely idea and great teaching book to get kids into electronics.

I was hooked at a very early age by curiosity about the glowing valves in the back of our radio, all intricate coils and plates bathed in strange light. A sense of wonder paves the way for lasting interest.


FWIW, No Starch Press is running a "30% off" sale over the USA holiday, July 4. It's running now, but I don't know if it is USA-only.


Quartz crystal explanation and cutaway picture with fine tuning marks was all I needed. Preordered. Looks like a fun read.


From the description:

"As you visually dissect the components’ insides, you’ll learn about how they work and how they were made."

We did that in school. Here are the layout photos. Draw the schematics. It was interesting.


Wow, very impressed by the free Chapter 1. I like that it does not only look at integrated circuit, which have been covered many times already, but also looks at passives and discretes. The image quality and sample preparation looks to be top notch.


I found out about this book through the EmbeddedFM podcast [1]. Their latest episode is an interview with the authors of the book. Highly recommend the episode, and the podcast in general for folks that are into electronics.



Wow this looks amazing! I can’t wait to get my copy. I wonder with all the available resources to learn electronics can someone become an electronics engineer without going to college (assuming enough mathematical maturity to understand Electrodynamics, etc)?


Turing Book ( ) will publish the Chinese version!


How can I see the chapters in the Early Acces PDF?


Preorder it