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Biggest Privacy Resource List on the Internet


Haven't taken a look yet, but as a general attitude, biggest does not mean best, and size only makes a list more difficult to currate; it becomes the kitchen sink.


Odd bits about Librewolf, Brave in the web browser section. I understand the point they're trying to say about Ungoogled Chromium and Librewolf but it seems needlessly opinionated and ranty.

Also for anyone interested there's which I found useful when wondering about the privacy / anti-fingerprinting features browsers have.


Yep, also didn't like the librewolf comments much. They're saying it's not good because it's just Firefox with custom settings and branding, and yet they list a librewolf fork as a good options because "it made it into some distros" and proceed to link to an aur...

I'm not sure the repo owners know what they're doing tbh.


Looks like it’s missing Google Analytics alternatives such as Fathom, Plausible, Simple.

Edit: Am aware I should submit a PR but not able to at present.


My mistake – only Fathom is missing.