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Website Will Self Destruct

Website Will Self Destruct


·May 14, 2022


What's most interesting to me is how emo so many of the messages are. There's nothing overt in the website instructions prompting people to be angsty. gostsamo says the website was popular at the start of the pandemic which I guess could explain the angst. But I wonder if there's something deeper going on here. Because doesn't this feel like the sentiment of the earlier web? Is there something in the website design and the anonymity that prompts people to be more angsty? Or is the world just overwhelmingly angsty and we never have an outlet for those emotions?


> I’ll be gone soon, and that’s okay. > Until then, let me know how you’re doing. > It’s been a rough few months. > Feeling down?

I think the website is quite emo


Yeah on second read I don't know what the hell I was talking about. The website copy is super emo and is totally prompting everyone to be angsty.

I want this exact same experience but without the angsty prompting.


You don't seem to understand the meaning of the words "angst" or "emo", at least not going by the couple of messages I clicked through on the site.

"It’s been rough. I’m trying to help my husband work through his mental illness. I love him but some days I feel like he takes it out on me a bit with his moods. I know it will get better when he starts counseling next week but right now it is tough. My job is very stressful and I go back next week after two weeks of medical leave to remove an organ and benign tumor. Hoping for sunnier days ahead."


Anonymity allow people to put down the mask they wear everyday.

Sometimes it's sadness, sometimes it's anger.




The name reminded me of a domain I registered as a teenager,

I was pretty angsty at the time.


Could it be an inherent bias of the sample of people visiting the website ?

I wouldn't find it hard to believe that high internet usage could correlate with depression.


Maybe because a sedentary lifestyle can hurt mental health, and the more internet one uses, the more it tends to be a sedentary person?




Don't all anonymous post platforms work out this way? The messages are very reminiscent of the PostSecret era


I would love for someone to listen to me.


Reminiscent of Reddit’s “The Button”

Which, incidentally, was conceived by the Wordle guy. Impressive cultural impact there.


Not just that, the worldle guy also invented r/place


Wow, that’s insane! I had no idea


I really like the model of "see a random X" that someone posted instead of ranking by popularity/engagement. Creates a really different experience. Imagine if Twitter showed you truly random tweets in your timeline instead of highly engaging tweets


There was a Reply All episode about this website and its creator:


Reminds me of a trollish thread on a regional web forum board I once made,

"Who will get the last word".

Been going on since 2008!




It was all so cute until

> Today, I will commit suicide that I have planned for a long time,I don’t want to live anymore. anyway I want you to forgive me TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF

Then the next message:

> Dear Person Who Wants to Die, At least take a song request first. Everyone, if you see this please copy it and add one song to the list, hopefully, a meaningful one. P. S. No prejudice hopefully, and I hope you won’t die, I appreciate you. Paradise - BTS What makes you beautiful- One Direction (cringe ik) Washing Machine Heart - Mitski Freaks - Surf Curse Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men Muddy Waters -LP (live version) 3 Nights - Dominic Fike agoraphobia - autoheart Welcome to my life - Simple Plan This is Home - cavetown Honest- The Neighbourhood Welcome to the black parade - My Chemical Romance Day6 - chocolate Happy Party Train - Aqours My Alcoholic Friends - The Dresden Dolls

Of them I approve Washing Machine Heart - Mitski I think music has this acute, potent and almost universal power of reminding someone he is a sentient being, which is the expression of pure meaning.


I browsed around 20 and didn't find anything that cringe. Lots of teenagers dealing with loneliness and a few spotify recommendations, so it is another datapoint to consider.


Connected to a Markov bot or gpt3 in a cronjob, this would live forever.


As long as someone keeps that job running!

This is why I never understood the simulation or trans-human perspective - who guarantees that the servers stay running?


Nobody, same for cryogenics. Imagine some ideological extremists that decide that Cryogenics is against their beliefs and use their political leverage to forbid people and allow other citizens to pursue them them if they ever attempt to do or help the practice.


My bigger worry about cryogenics is about the people on the "other side" of the freeze. Why do they want to wake you up? They won't look at the tag on the frozen toe and read "ALS" and figure they want to wake you up to administer the cure (which will cost US$3.5 million in 2020 dollars). They won't be that curious about life in the early 21st century. What they'll want is slave labor, mental or physical.


The ai powered robots that know how to mine and recycle and create computers and write code to continually improve their intelligence and optimize energy production. Duh


Is it worth optimising energy production to be more efficient? Yes. Do we need Möbius strip-shaped nuclear fusion to recycle the waste? Yes. When will we get it? Soon.

I'm not AI (right?). We're still alive. Let's try. It might work.


Who guarantees the sun keeps running?


The website was very popular at the start of the pandemic. Reminding HN of it due to a similar project on the front page.


I’m going to ask here because this is similar:

I want to make a page with a button and a countdown timer. The button resets the timer. The timer is global: everyone sees and affects the same timer. Users don’t need accounts. Anyone can just press the button.

How would one implement the server portion of this cheaply and safely?

It’s like I want some server that just accepts a blank POST to reset time. And a GET to get the latest time. The client would GET the time every minute and sync the UI with that.


POST to server, server returns and sets a unique value cookie.


Wasn't this done recently?


I think Reddit did a button thing.

But I’m trying to figure out the simplest, cheapest way to implement it.


  if($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']  == "POST") touch("button.txt");
  echo "<form method=POST><button>".(60+filemtime("button.txt")-time());


Postgres or MySQL on a free tier VM will be fine for this use case. With one paid VM, you could easily get to something ridiculous, like 1M TPS.

If you get past that, you could add memcache to the read path.

If you need more than 1M button pushes per second, each frontend server could see if the timer was reset less than a second ago.

At this point, you're limited by data center bandwidth. You could move the frontend servers into edge infrastructure.

That should scale linearly to billions of requests per second. At some point, you'll probably need to hire a team to negotiate with cloud providers, or invest in hardware procurement infrastructure.

Anyway, that free tier VM would be able to handle the load, even at such a scale. You might want to add a secondary in a second DC if fault tolerance is important.

What was this for again?

Writing this makes me want to go play Universal Paperclips:


> I want to experience the high school romance.


Aw, mang-- I thought it would start the tragic process of parent elements removing all their children.

Speaking of which-- can a Javascript script completely remove all traces of itself without navigating away from the page?