The best starting word in Wordle

The best starting word in Wordle


·December 4, 2021


Wow, what a game. If I could play unlimited games in one sitting I’d lost all my free time to this.


Yeah, I'm actually glad it only has one word per day.


I hadn't heard of Wordle before, but I wasted many hours in college watching the game show Lingo:

Pretty similar, but with a starting letter given, time pressure, and other game show elements.


" think we can do better. If you View Source on the WORDLE page (possibly a crime in some states),"

Thank you for keeping this meme going!!!


Wordle reminds me of an old pen and paper game my mom and I used to play while waiting for the bus when I was young:

We called it Bull-Cow but I guess the proper name is Bulls and Cows.


english letters, higher to lower frequency:

etaoin shrdlu cmfwyp vbgkqj xz