Jim Warren has died

Jim Warren has died


·November 25, 2021

ScottAdams · 10 days ago

He will be missed. I still remember fondly he would fly around the floor of the West Coast Computer Faire on rollerskates, going everywhere to make sure it was running smoothly.

rgacote · 10 days ago

And given how tall Jim was, you could see his face floating over the Faire floor from across the entire hall.

gumby · 10 days ago

He was responsible for getting the entire California legal code online, which I believe was a first for the USA.

StuntPope · 10 days ago

I loved Dr Dobbs Journal. Used to buy it every month when I was in college and barely understood any of it.

kabdib · 9 days ago

I eagerly awaited every issue. It taught me a lot, in an era where finding information about computers was pretty difficult. I was in junior high school, and none of the books in the school or public libraries covered any of this fancy new "microcomputer" stuff.

Inspired by DDJ, I remember writing my own versions of PILOT and a "Tiny BASIC" with floating point, in Z-80 assembly, a couple years before I got my first computer. Probably still have those notebooks somewhere, I'm sure that code is terrible :-)

I'm grateful to DDJ for its liveliness, breadth of subject matter (okay, "randomness"), and simple enthusiasm for teaching people about personal computing.

Findecanor · 10 days ago

I used to read it in the city library, and once I even borrowed a whole year's journals to binge-read. I learned a lot of coding techniques from articles in it back in the day.

westcoast330 · 9 days ago

When I was growing up, I saw Triumph of the Nerds by Bob Cringely on PBS. About midway through as I recall there's Jim Warren sitting in a hot tub with a killer view talking about the West Coast Computer Faire and early computing. I had only recently started coding in QBASIC then Visual Basic. Seeing that documentary helped cement my interest in programming and computers in general.

Thanks Jim!

Edit: Found the first clip. Wish I had a chance to meet him, sounded like a character: https://youtu.be/toSRmKKiosQ?t=1790

ChrisMarshallNY · 10 days ago

> One fewer curmudgeon. We're going to have to work extra hard to keep the curmudgeon level up.

I’m doing my part for The Cause…

kabdib · 9 days ago

"Look," I once said to a manager of mine, "I've been using this programming language longer than you've been alive..."

Card-carrying member here. :-)

Animats · 9 days ago

I knew him back when the EFF was being founded. A great loss.

Victorakpan · 10 days ago

What a tragic, may his soul rest in peace

T3RMINATED · 10 days ago

Another victim of the COVID Vaccine. Sorry man.