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9 days ago by ilaksh

If you look at the itch.io section there are a lot of games made with this engine.

I feel like I usually don't have energy for games anymore. But more than that, there are an effectively infinite number of games or media to select from. It's a bit frustrating that I am not able to explore many of them.

I mean I might spend a couple of minutes with a game once in awhile and then decide to move on. But I think many of them would be really interesting if I could take the time for a deep dive.

The sheer volume of creative content produced is amazing. I think there are many worthy efforts that get overlooked.

9 days ago by WalterGR

> If you look at the itch.io section there are a lot of games made with this engine. ... The sheer volume of creative content produced is amazing.

Looks like nearly 100. https://itch.io/c/790679/adventuron-games

8 days ago by dyates

Gruescript is a similar system, released a couple of months ago (though it doesn't have official support for graphics):



8 days ago by Waterluvian

This is ridiculously awesome. But I can’t do graphics. Can we use AI to generate graphics based on the descriptions, and do it in pixel art style?

8 days ago by hantusk

we're not far away :) https://twitter.com/nshepperd1/status/1446004530433323018

There's a notebook too, if you're curious

8 days ago by bserfaty

Can I give an AI a bunch of drawings and it will make a text adventure out of it?

7 days ago by aleks224

I'm thinking of doing this with my kids for programming exploration + imagination development. Anyone has ideas how to quickly generate pictures/graphics, such as, draw them by hand and make them super small PNGs? It seems that drawing them by an image editor would be super tedious.

7 days ago by freediver

9 days ago by anthk

Being aware of the background of the author, I guess it has ZX support, for sure, but not for the z-machine.

Anyway, more IF is always good, but not for the ones like "Choose your own adventure", as these game are extremely linear. OFC, most of IF games can be put as "linear", but a lot of them have different methods to reach a point or solve a puzzle.

9 days ago by cogburnd02

Would be great if there were files available for the Z-machine that played out the original Edward Packard CYOA series, like Through The Black Hole, e.g.

9 days ago by dfabulich

They're not available for sale, but you can find them all as clickable epubs. (Any device that can run a Z-machine can run an epub reader just as easily.)

4 days ago by cogburnd02

I suppose an epub would be pretty easy to convert (on a modern machine) into something like ZIL for ZILF. Good thinking.

8 days ago by mrob

Any modern device will run both, but Infocom's Z-machine ran on old 8-bit home computers. Even if you ignore EPUB's image support (which includes the complicated SVG format), EPUB is zipped XHTML+CSS. I'd be very surprised if you could fit a parser and renderer for all that in the limited RAM they had available.

9 days ago by anthk

Those could be implemented trivially even with raw Inform6. Or any language. Even HTML, too.

9 days ago by bobbytuck

It'd be nice if it compiles down to ZIL.

9 days ago by atum47

I was working on something similar, but without graphics. This seems really well made. Nice job.

8 days ago by anothernewdude

It's a shame you can't self-host the editor. My main use-case for doing this was to occupy me when I was without internet.

8 days ago by forkhandles

The current release version was uploaded to archive dot org a few months back (for self hosting):


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