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Internet things, saved for later.

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PORTO ROCHA Year in Review: 2020

What a cool way to visualize a year in review!

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Shawn Park · Personal site

If you are at all interested in React or frontend development, these posts are fantastic. Dan Abramov goes deep on detailed topics (like let vs const) but always keeps things super approachable.

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Max Böck

Be sure to check out the theme switcher at the top!

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Tobias Ahlin

Wildly great blog posts. Start with smooth shadows.

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Josh W Comeau

If you haven't seen Josh's website before, strap in. This is one of the coolest personal blogs on the web right now as far as I can tell - details at every turn, fantastic writing, and a true attention to detail.

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Michael Knepprath, Occasional Writer

I love how Michael builds out in the open, then documents his process along the way.

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Leo Lamprecht

Sadly, Leo hasn't written in a while. But this backlog of blog posts is still a great rabbit hole.

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