Have you thought about scaling this?

Have you thought about scaling this?

This is such a dope format! Have you thought about allowing people to create their own website like this?

Understandable if it's not a focus and if you have other priorities. Would probs be good to see if it's even financially viable as well ๐Ÿ˜‚

I'm just obsessed with this design

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Nov 2, 2021

Maybe! The layout itself was a bit tricky to figure out, and could be useful to extract and package as an open source component, or maybe a Next.js starter. But to figure out how to abstract everything else sounds really daunting.

I think some of the secondary functions โ€” like the bookmarks tool, or the AMA, or the Stack โ€” could be interesting to productize. Although I'm just not sure how much value it would add to do that, since in isolation they're all just CRUD apps. It feels a bit more interesting to have everything combined in one site, but they're only combined here because they fit my personality and interests. I'm not sure how much direct overlap it'd have with other people's vision for their own websites.

Of course, everything is open source though so I definitely encourage remixing! https://github.com/brianlovin/briOS

+1 on this, really amazing website, feels like this service could serve"influencers" (thinking folks that write and receive lot of questions, PG, patrick collison etc) so well